And it’s a long way back from seventeen

Dress – Target
Sandals – Minnetonka 
Wrap bracelet – Buckle
Leather bracelet – Made by Casey Watkins (pictured)

Yes, this is a maternity dress and, no, I’m not pregnant. Liz Lange makes some of the cutest stuff in Target and this dress is no exception. Also, maternity dresses are nice and long to accommodate the belly, so they are perfect for a tall person without a bump.

Casey and the kids bought me these sandals last summer for my birthday and I still love them. They just seem to spruce up any outfit effortlessly.

Speaking of Casey, the photobomber, isn’t the leather bracelet he made me cool? His dad does a lot of leather work and Casey has started dabbling in it. I love pairing his bracelet with this one I got from Buckle – they really complement each other nicely.

Darkness helps us all to shine


Top – Target
Shorts – Target
Necklace – Forever 21
Sandals – Gap (old)

You have a very persistent mosquito to thank for the lack of pictures in this post. That little sucker followed me all around the yard and finally I just had to give up and go inside. And now I have like five mosquito bites! Ugh.

Isn’t it funny how your eye changes when it comes to the clothes you like to wear? For the longest time I didn’t like the way these popover tops looked on me, then one day I woke up and had to have one. In this color, specifically. And of course I found it at Target – the store that never lets me down.

Another example – black denim shorts. All of a sudden I had to have them. I did a little distressing on them because they just seemed to clean looking and now I think they’re perfect. Of course, you can’t really see that because of the whole one picture situation, but you know who’s to blame for that…

‘Til the road and sky align

Top – JC Penney
Jeans – Old Navy (similar, but the ones I have are distressed)
Sandals – Target
Bracelets – Buckle

It’s a good time to be a ’90s kid. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blink 182 have new music out, distressed jeans are everywhere, and Birks are back.

I have one pair of Birkenstocks and would like another, but my wallet says that a knock-off pair will have to do for now. This pair from Target are a good deal for the price – comfortable and cute.

This tank is another good JC Penney find. The brand, Stylus, has a lot of fun summer options right now and I love the other colors that this tank comes in.

Have you adopted the distressed denim trend as happily as I have? Jeans without holes in them just seem so boring to me now. I don’t like the look of over-the-top distressing, but a few well placed rips and shreds are my jam. Here’s a good tutorial for DIY distressing if you’re into that sort of thing.

See you walking ’round like it’s a funeral

Top – JC Penney
Shorts – Old Navy (similar style)
Sandals – Sperry
Bracelet – Old Navy (old)

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room – my naked toes. Ahhhhh! I took off my polish last night intending to paint my nails today. Then, the urge to blog struck me. And I knew that if I tried to paint my nails and blog I would surely ruin the polish. So, you get naked toes. But they won’t stay that way for long, I promise.

This picture does not do this shirt justice. It is pretty much neon and I LOVE it. If you have patience and time on your side, you can find some great things at JC Penney – I’m telling you.

I just got these sandals from Sperry and they are sooo comfortable. (Snagged them during the awesome Nordstrom sale.) There is a cute gold pair too. You should buy them so I can live vicariously through you.

It’s not very long, but I’m ready to move on

Top – NRS World (Similar and very cute!)
Jeans – Old Navy
Heels – Old Navy
Bracelet – A gift, very old

If anyone had told me that I would find such a cute top on a website that sells “All Things Western,” I doubt I would have believed it. And if that same person had told me that my husband would be the one to show me the top and encourage me to buy it…well, actually I would believe that because Casey has killer style.

I bought this top back in January when it was on super sale. Don’t you love stuff like that? I’ve been itching to wear it and its time has finally come, hopefully on a patio somewhere with a martini in my hand because it is SUMMER!

(And with summer, comes this blog’s resurrection.)

I wanna go out, but I wanna stay home

Well, I would say I grossly overestimated the amount of energy I would have to blog my outfits once school started. But, I really hate it when bloggers draw attention to their lack of posting. Oops! Moving on…

In the winter, I pretty much stick to a cardigan/fun top/vest + pencil skirt + tights + boots/flats uniform. To be honest, minus the tights, that’s probably my uniform year round, although I am trying to branch out to cropped trousers every once in a while. So adventurous, I know!

For this post, I thought I would take one of my pencil skirts and one color of tights and build three outfits around it. Yes, this is a three-outfit-in-one post.

Outfit one:

Cobalt Blue Sweater – Target
Black Pencil Skirt – Target (Very old, and it is my favorite skirt ever. The zipper if basically non-functional, but I can’t say goodbye.)
Black Ankle Boots – Target
Statement Necklace – Wal Mart (I didn’t find the link to this exact one, but there are a ton of cute ones online and in stores right now.)

I bought several of these sweaters about a month ago when they were 40% off. The material is so soft and I think it looks a lot more expensive than it is.

This statement necklace is also a recent purchase. Wal Mart has really stepped up its accessory game – check out “Who Wait Wal Mart?” on Instagram for proof. (Thanks to my friend Sarah for that tip!)

Once again, you see my addiction to Target clothes and accessories coming through loud and clear. I just can’t help myself.

Outfit two:

Off-white Vest – Old Navy (Similar)
Grey Patterned Shirt – Target
Boots – Target (These are a couple years old, but they’re just cognac-colored, knee-length boots with a wedge heel. I feel like Target has something similar every year.)

I was so skeptical about the vest trend when it popped up in my neck of the woods a couple years ago. Now, I can’t imagine not having vests as a layering option. I’ve recently started wearing them to work with skirts and I really like the result.

Earrings are one of my favorite ways to accessorize. These pearls were a gift from my late grandmother and I have been wearing them a ton this winter.

Outfit three:

Dark Grey Cardigan – Old Navy
Red Plaid Button up – Target (similar)
Black Flats – Old Navy (Not exactly similar, but cute!)

This shirt. Oh, this shirt. I love this collar detail so much – not sure if you can tell from the picture, but it’s a bronze sequin and it is perfect. Well, except for the fact that it irritates my neck SO MUCH when I wear it. But it’s so fun and I always get compliments on it! Worth it.

I also love this boyfriend cardigan, which you’ll be glad to know is non irritating. It’s a great length and hasn’t shrunk up at all after repeated washings.

The shoe progression in these posts is pretty much how my week goes. Start off the week in heels, then progress to lower heels after a day or two, then flats for the rest of the week when my feet can’t take it anymore. Poor feet.